In selling a Broker Dealer or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), it is important for us know what you are interested in accomplishing. Given the regulatory hurdles involved in selling a Broker Dealer, it is well to note that if the transaction is not properly structured, there can be significant down time for the Broker Dealer. Broker Dealer Market specializes in this niche market and can guide through a smooth transition. Typical questions asked by Sellers of Broker Dealers and RIA's are “What’s my company worth?” and “How long does it take?”
Broker Dealer Market provides a free confidential consultation helping you to establish the top asking price for your business. We will assist you in every way possible to match your parameters with a buyer, and we will qualify them before any introductions are made.

The time required from initial request to closing date will vary depending on a number of factors- complexity of the arrangements, how prompt the parties are producing the necessary documentation, and what kind of work load the regulators are under at time of submission of documentation. Market conditions can also be a factor.

However, if structured correctly, it is possible to sell an operational Broker Dealer or RIA to a buyer with no downtime.

Our seller process provides a general overview of the process, but is incomplete. If you move forward with Broker Dealer Market, you will be sent a set of instructions and procedures that must be followed.