Due to the overwhelming amount of time it's currently taking to create a new Broker Dealer, we at BROKER DEALER MARKET, are trying to facilitate our clients' needs in any way we can:

-your current Broker Dealer is closing down
-your current Broker Dealer is sold and you do not like the new aquriring firm
-your current Broker dealer is changing clearing firms and you do not want to move
-your current Broker dealer is/has changed management, business, products,etc.

Hence, the birth of "Rent a Broker Dealer".

Presently, we have a collection of Broker Dealers that will allow you to transfer your business over, but allow you the luxury of it still remaining yours at all times. Whether it's just yourself, your group, or 500+ brokers to remain doing business, while allowing you the time to weigh your options of creating your own personal Broker Dealer, or have the time to purchase one. The main goal in mind, is to provide you the luxury of no down time for you, your clients, and/or your brokers. Once you decide which avenue suits you best, feel free to leave. There are no strings attached.

This is a complimentary service that we created to offer our loyal clients at Broker Dealer Market.

We listen.... We care.... We want you to SUCCEED !!

Please contact Mark Harris directly in the strictest of confidence of course, to obtain more information about this exciting offer.